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Named after a medieval ruler of Gujarat called Ahmed Shah who is the founder of the city, Ahmedabad is the textile city of India and is rightly known as “Manchester of the East”. The tourist destinations in Ahmedabad offer a perfect blend of ancient heritage and a vibrant modern city life.
Following are few of the must see places in the city.

Teen Darwaza and Rani no Haziro

Rani no Hajiro Ahmedabad
Teen Darwaza Ahmedabad
Apart from exhibiting its architectural marvel, the walled city is also heavily equipped with its ancient cloth market.

So, if you have a keen interest for different types of fabrics, then the markets in Dhalgarwad, Teen Darwaza area, Sindhi Market and Rani no Haziro area are already waiting for you. Apart from this, these areas also sell other knick knacks which make a great souvenir for the tourists.

Rani no Haziro, in Gujarati language refers to the Queen’s tomb where women members of the royal family were buried. Today, Rani no Haziro is a renowned and enormous market for women’s clothing and accessories.

Teen Darwaza, another architectural wonder, is one of the longest and the oldest gateways of the city. It showcases an array of intricately carved arched gates. As the story says, Mughal emperor Jahangir used to come here along with his beloved wife Noorjahan, to witness the procession that originated from this grand gateway and went till Jama Masjid.

Today, the area enclosed within this massive marvel is home to a market offering everything from fabric to artefacts to household items. The structure boasts of fine Islamic architecture with semi circular windows reinforced with mesh.


A visit to the museums of the city is a must as this city is full of ancient stories. These museums offer a valuable insight into the lifestyle and culture of old Ahmedabad.

The renowned museums are Calico Museum of Textiles, Sabarmati Ashram – the central point from where the struggle for India’s Independence began, Hussain Doshi Gufa also known as Amdavad ni Gufa – an underground art gallery displaying the works of famous Indian artist MF Hussain and designed by the famous architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi hence the name Hussain Doshi Gufa. It is called ‘gufa’ because the structure resembles a cave.


Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar
Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayana, Akshardham was established in 1992.

It showcases impeccable craftsmanship and brilliant architectural workmanship. Located in Gandhinagar City, Akshardham Temple is famous for its various activities like art, education, exhibitions, and research, all under one roof. The seven feet long idol of Lord Swaminarayana, the chief deity of the temple is clearly the highlight of this temple.

Built by the able incorporation of pink stones and with the measurement of 240ft. in length, 131ft. in width and 108ft. in height, Akshardham is the most wonderful creation of modern India.

Walking History lesson

The heritage walk offers an important insight towards the history of Ahmedabad. It is carried out for two hours and begins at Swaminarayana Temple in Kalupur and ends at the most celebrated architectural legacy of the Jama Masjid.

The walk encompasses various pols, havelis, ornamental facades, workplaces of artisans and number of magnificent Hindu and Jain temples.

Moreover, a half hour special slide show that runs through pages of the city’s history unfolds back its birth from a 10th century AD ancient site known as Ashaval to the present walled city re-founded during the period of Ahmed Shah and onwards.